Product Name : LC-1800( PE)
Product Description

PE Shrink tunnel

For shrink-packaging various products, such as general foods, electronic products, stationery, gift boxes, daily appliances, medicine, salted products, hardware, tools, electrical appliances, bamboo and wood products.

Employs infrared ray titanium heater tube for greater heating capacity while saving power.

Efficient hot air circulation in the oven combined with uniform temperature distribution provide fast shrinking performance.

Feed conveyor is driven by a variable speed motor for convenient speed adjustment.

Full shrink is quickly accomplishment in only tree seconds.

Feed speed may be adjusted to over 7.5 meters per minute.

Fast warm-up permits for operation-ready status in only 10 minutes.

Model LC-1800( PE)
Power Source 220V
Heating 27kw
Shrink Tunnel Dimensions 1800 x 700 x 400 mm
Machine 2600 x 1000 1650 mm
Packaging Size 600 x 300 mm
Motor 1/2 HP x 3
Conveyor Speed 0 – 8m/min
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