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Long Durable Machinery Co., Ltd. originate heat shrink tunnel machine and shrink wrapping tunnel machine manufacturers. We have many years of experience in providing all kinds of shrink wrap tunnels, including automatic L-sealer, sleeve type sealers with heat shrink tunnel machines, and so on. We have a great understanding of the materials and characteristics of different films, so we can offer the best suggestions on the proper temperature and time for each shrink wrapping tunnel. With our shrink tunnels, your products can be packaged in PE/ POF/ PVC shrink films perfectly.

  • Employs infrared ray titanium heater tube for more excellent heating capability while saving power.
  • Efficient hot air circulation in the oven combined with uniform temperature distribution provides fast-shrinking performance.
  • Feed conveyor is driven by a variable speed motor for convenient speed adjustment.
  • Feed speed may be adjusted to over 7.5 meters per minute.

  • LC-1000 Heat Shrink Tunnel Machine
  • LC-1000E Shrink Wrap Tunnel
  • LC-1200 Shrink Tunnel Machinery
  • LC-1500(PE) Shrink Wrapping Tunnel Machine
    LC-1500( PE)
  • LC-1800( PE)
    LC-1800( PE)
  • LC-2000 ( PE)
    LC-2000 ( PE)
  • LC-3000(PE)
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