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Automatic Sleeve Sealers are an ideal solution if you wish to wrap your products for transportation purposes. Our sleeve sealers with low maintenance, PLC controlled with line integration available. Our sleeve sealing machine can be applicated in laundry stacks shrink wrapped for protection and transportation, shrink wrapped drinks trays and industrial tin trays, shrink wrapped for transportation, glass bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum can, tin can, hard and etc.

A semi automatic sleeve sealer and shrink tunnel would be reccomended when your shrink wrapping requirements are low production and/or slow speeds, or using trayless or unstable products where flexibility is key.

Having the heat sealer separate to the shrink tunnel is far better than a 'mono block' design where the sealing machine and shrink tunnel are joined together for a number of reasons, not least being easier to move.Long durable’s sleeve wrapper and shrink tunnel are entirely independent of each other so that each pack spends exactly the same amount of time inside the shrink tunnel so that absolute consistency is achieved with the heat shrink sleeve pack.

  • This unit is designed for the fully automatic PE and PVC film wrapping and shrink packaging of group-counted boxed (cased) and canned products.
  • The unit is suitable for independent use or can be designed for fully automatic production flows.

  • LB-600A+LC-1500
  • LB-600S+LC-1500
  • LB-900T+LC-1500
  • LB-2400
  • LB-2000F+LC-2000(PE)
  • LB-620+LC-1000B
  • LB-2000A
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