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Long Durable supply an extensive range of automatic and semi-automatic l-sealer machine and side sealing systems to cover all sized products and applications, allowing you to achieve a high quality package no matter what the product shape and dimensions. Our main product is l sealer machine can be applicated in food, beverage, tableware, stationery, cleaning tool, hardware, LCD and etc.

Our automatic l-sealer machine can provide you with all the quality features found. They are designed and built to give you all the performance features needed for positive sealing a wide variety of films including polyolefin, polyethylene. L sealer machine is an intermittent wrapping machine, its L shaped sealing bar descends when the product arrives. Using Polyolefin, Polythene centre folded films, the product is placed between the two halves before the film is sealed around the product to produce a fully enclosed wrap.

  • Designed for shrink packaging for various types of product. Applicable film materials include PE, POF, etc.
  • No fumes or smoke during sealing ensures a clean work environment.
  • Choice of vertical or horizontal type photocell sensor to suit various product sizes and thickness.
  • Easy operation.

  • LA-410F
  • LA-460+LC-1200
  • LA-460E+LC-1200E
  • LA-1000L+ LC-2200
    LA-1000L+ LC-2200
  • LA-700
  • LA-500A+LC-1000
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