Product Name : LE-886A
Product Description


The unit is suitable for carton bag stress hygiene such as frozen food, processed food products, agricultural products, food oil, etc.

It can make bags with multiple lengths from a roll of flat or gushed film; places the bag into a carton and fold the top flaps of it over the edges.

Different kinds of carton erectors can be linked.

Adds a film-press device to make the observe bag which is especially suitable for food packaging.

Gusset folding film is suitable and gusset corner is able to seal.

Model LE-886A
Carton feed speed 8 – 10(cartons/Minute)
Film Size 460-840mm
Complete Carton L(200-400) x W(200-300) x H(150-250)mm
Machine Size 3170 x 2240 x 2300mm
Film length equation Carton: L+W+140mm= Width of film roll
Power Source 1φ,220V(Depend On Customer’s Needs)
Air pressure 5kg/cm2
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