Product Name : LE-886
Product Description


Carton bag inserting such as food, electronic product, stationery, plastic products, hardware, screws, beverages and so on.

It features carton-opening function.

Upper and lower sealing devices provide correct carton feed for any reclaimed carton without being affected by moisture.

Various peripheral equipment is available to suit different packaging requirements.

Easy to operate and adjust.

Model LE-886
Carton feed speed 10(cartons/Minute)
Film Size 460-840mm
Complete Carton L(200-400) x W(200-300) x H(150-250)mm
Machine Size 2100 x 1490 x 1500mm
Film length equation Carton: L + W+140 mm= Width of film roll
Power Source 1φ,220V(Depend On Customer’s Needs)
Air pressure 5kg/cm2
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