Product Name : LA-410F
Product Description


Product Introduction

Side sealers is the next step up from L sealing, the side sealing machine continuously cuts and welds in the length of the film while the cross sealing operates across the width of the bag. Side Sealers for high speed or longer shape production. Side Sealing system for bagging with optional high capacity shrink tunnel for shrink wrapping. Can be applicated in food, beverage, tableware, stationery, cleaning tool, hardware, etc.

Our side sealers is high speed, high effectiveness. The user friendly touch panel is for setting multiple items, such as sealing time, package speed and etc. Multiple memory programs to record/read different data. The size range and the continuous rotary side sealing system permit the wrapping of either short or very long items or unstable products. Equipped with its standard motorised infeed conveyor it can collate multiple packages either in line or side by side.

Food, beverage, tableware, stationery, cleaning tool, hardware, LCD, etc. All kinds of products.

Bags sealed with cylinder.

Saves electricity, high efficiency, suitable for the packaging of irregular articles.

Utilizes automatic conveying design, packing is performed after sealing and cutting,then the product is automatically delivered to shrink machine for shrinking.

Model LA-410F
Dimension of seal 450 mm
Packing Capacity 30-40 Units/min
Packing Size L100-460 x W40-320 x H10-120 mm
Machine Size 2750 x 1350 x1500 mm
Power Source 1φ,220V(Depend On Customer’s Needs)
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